Power Flushing

At Efficient Gas we can power flush your central heating system. This deep cleaning process ensures that your radiators perform efficiently and heat up properly. We use the fernox powerflow machine with the Adey Magnacleanse filter system which ensures a thorough clean of all the system components. We also recommend installing a filter to your heating system after powerflushing to prevent any future sludge problems. .

Why You Might Need a Power Flush?

Over time sludge can form in unprotected Central heating systems. This is because of corrosion, the sludge is known technically as black oxide or Magnetite which is a result of debris and corrosion of some of the components within your heating system. Sludge is caused by natural corrosion of radiators and other central heating components in addition to any chemical inbalance within the system water. As sludge circulates around your system this causes reduced flow rates and cold spots in the radiators where debris build up.

Common Symptoms Include:

  • Excessive noise from your boiler including banging.
  • Cold spots in parts of the radiators.
  • The heating system taking longer to heat up.
  • Excessive air in radiators.
  • Boiler over heating.
  • Discoloured water in central heating system.

What are the Benefits of a Powerflush

Power flushing your central heating system to remove the debris will help to ensure that your heating system operates at optimal efficiency. As a result a powerflush will save you money on your heating bills and future boiler repair costs.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Protecting your central heating from further corrosion.
  • Increasing the lifespan of your radiators and boiler.
  • Improved water circulation for optimal performance.
  • Decreasing the noise from your boiler.
  • Heating your home much faster saving you money.
  • Improved efficiency of your central heating system.